A Little Tin Here, A Little Tin There in the Dye Sublimation Business

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By Steve   OK, I admit it, I like cute titles that serve no purpose but… If it got your attention and made you wonder what this clown was talking about, it served its purpose.   I’m talking about one of the newest products offered by Conde, and just in time for the Holidays. I’m talking about the metal “Tins” that have sublimatable insert tops.   The tins come in 6” round or 5x8” rectangle shapes and are just the right size to stuff with all kinds of goodies: Puzzles, cookies, candy or gift items. They also make a great way to present someone with a printed T-shirt!   Of course the purpose of offering these is so we can personalize and sell them but right now, I have a better application: Gifts from us to our customers or to friends.   Every year, I get a package in the mail from one of my suppliers with a tin of nuts in it and these are the best nuts I have ever eaten! Cashews, walnuts and nuts I don’t even have names for – all perfectly salted and delicious! I couldn’t even guess what they pay for these –especially since they probably send out a thousand or more of them.   Another company sends me a tin with German biscuits in it – a German biscuit is a special kind of cookie that I love with coffee in the morning. I look forward to each of these every year and would love to do this with my customers but I just can’t afford to. Maybe you are in the same boat.   Well, here is a possible solution for us all: Sublimate the top of these tins any way you want to promote your company and your appreciation for the customers’ business throughout the year. Then fill the tin with whatever you like – homemade cookies, mints, candy, suckers or promotional items such as a sublimated glass nail file, an ink pen, luggage finders, key fobs, a name badge, luggage tags, a T-shirt or whatever else strikes your fancy.   The tins come boxed so they are easy to ship or present in person. It’s a great way to say, “Happy Holidays” and “Thank You” all at once. If you are concerned about taxes, keep the total gift under a $25 value and you should be alright (check with your tax consultant to be sure).   If you want to go the extra mile, get some Rowmark Mates and cut it to fit the sides of the tins for even more space to convey your message.