Back to School

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back to school That time of year that parents look forward to is almost here…back to school time! They are already getting things in order to send their little angels back to school for another year and you need to make sure you are the one they are buying from. We sell many products that could easily be marketed as the perfect item to send with their child to school. Not only can you offer great products for students, but for teachers as well. What better way to get the school year started than with a gift for their child’s awesome new teacher? Some great products for students are our bottles, laptop and iPad cases, bag tags, messenger bag, shoulder laptop bag, notebooks, binders, and backpacks For teachers, some useful products are mousepads, a desk sign, note holder, clipboard, memo clips, ceramic pen holder, name badges, and lanyards. Personalized products are perfect for school because it is easy to get bags, notebooks, and other things mixed up when all of the kids have similar looking belongings. This is where bag tags really come in handy because they can be used on lunch boxes and backpacks. They can also serve as a reminder on a lunchbox about different food allergies that the child might not know to tell a teacher about. A large factor that makes parents want to buy personalized items for their kids is the fact that they love it! Kids love having something specially made with their name or initials on it because it makes it seem like the item was made just for them. Personalized school supplies are more popular with the kids, they are less likely to be lost or stolen, and they are more convenient for the teachers who have to try and send the right things home with the right student. Make the 2016-2017 school year the best yet with custom sublimated accessories!