Boo! Halloween Is Coming! Dye Sublimation Special Effects

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By J. Stephen Spence   Have you noticed? I don’t know how you could have missed it. Halloween has become BIG business in recent years. People are dressing up more, decorating more and celebrating more than ever before.   Not so many years ago, all the emphasis on outdoor lights and decorated trees was for Christmas – not anymore! Now it seems, just as many people are stringing lights and putting up trees to celebrate Halloween. Orange lights are everywhere along with all kinds of hob-goblins, spider webs and ghostly figures.   Some new sublimation products can now be added to the mix! UNISUB has released three new products to fit the Halloween craze. They are:   1. A coaster (U4430), or set of coasters cut in the shape of a pumpkin that can be decorated just as creatively as that big ‘ol Jack-o-lantern that sits on the doorstep. 2. A hanging ornament (U4405), for door, window or anywhere else in the shape of a ghost. Make him friendly or make him devious but you can help but appreciate how cute he (she) is. 3. A hanging ornament, (U4406), again for hanging anywhere you want, in the shape of a pumpkin.     These not only make great decorations, but also make great favors to give guests at parties, costume contests or even weddings!   Of course, you will have to spend hours searching for artwork you can download that is appropriate for these items…. Actually, NO, you can download royalty free art from So what is keeping you from adding these little critters to your home decor line of products?