Coloring the Edges of FRP when Imaging with Dye Sublimation

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One of the complaints we sometimes here at Conde concerns the white edges of UNISUB Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic after it is sublimated since sublimation doesn’t usually extend past the surface of a product.   An easy way to get rid of the stark white edge is to use a permanent marker like those found in craft shops or office suppliers. I prefer Sharpie brand but any brand should work.   Buy a variety pack of markers and keep them handy. When you want to color the edges of a UNISUB FRP product such as a name badge or key fob, just color the edge with a marker of your choice.   WARNING: Although most of the ink from the marker is absorbed by the FRP, some is not and may rub off on clothes on hands. To prevent this, whip off the edges with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol before giving it to your customer.