Conde Introduces a Cell Phone Desk Holder for Dye Sublimation

By admin news
By Steve Spence Conde has introduced a simple little sublimatable gadget to hold a cell phone on your desk or bedside table. Part number U8618.   Made from two pieces of hardboard that can be sublimated on the face and are black on the backs, they go together to form an easel that will hold most any cell phone and many tablets, especially the smaller ones. It also works with Kindle Fire units.   If you are like me, you lay your phone on your desk each morning and then spend countless time searching for the ringing little monster after it has been covered with papers. It’s a daily game of hide and seek and it isn’t really much fun.   Many people use their phones for alarm clocks. This device works great to hold your phone on your night table where it is easy to reach and can be read without touching it.   If you travel, the device comes apart so it fits flat in your luggage or brief case.   These work great for religious sayings, quotes from famous people, company logos, and messages from loved ones or pictures of loved ones, favorite activities or hobbies. The choices are as broad as you or your customer’s imaginations.   Remember too, these can be written on with dry erase markers or Vis-à -vis pens and erased with plain water so they make a great place to write yourself notes.   At less than five-bucks, these can easily retail for $15 to $20 and couldn’t be easier or quicker to make. Both parts can be sublimated at the same time in just one-minute and of course you can imprint multiples at the same time.   Oh, one last thing. Most phone can be charged while in the stand – nothing fancy – no connections to worry about or adapters to buy. Just use your regular charging cable, plug it in the phone and set it on the stand. What could be simpler?