Corel for Dye Sublimation: Texture Fills

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By Steve Spence One of the most useful and a very easy way to make backgrounds for your products is to use the Texture Fill option located under the Fill Tool at the bottom left portion of the Corel drawing screen.   This contains a hundred or so premade designs which are given names. The names usually have little or nothing to do with the actual design so don’t try to make rhyme or reason out of most of the names. But the designs are interesting and although there is only about 100 of them, if you click the Preview button located under the display, you will find there are countless variations of the base 100. This probably takes the number into the tens of thousands.   Furthermore, the colors used to create the designs can also be changed. This is done at the lower right of the flyout menu and can either personalize the background to the colors used in the text or other graphic elements or just remove or add a specific color you do or do not want included. This variable probably takes the number of background combinations into the stratosphere.   These fills are easy to use and sublimate well although they can become memory hungry in very large projects or if multiple ones are used in the same piece of artwork.   The default resolution for these backgrounds is 300dpi so they will sublimate with great detail but this can be changed to conserve memory when necessary.   These fills can also be placed inside text or any closed object and can be PowerClipped into whatever shape you might want.   To learn more about Texture Fills, check out CondeTV “Texture Fills”.