CorelDRAW Symbols – Where the Heck are They?

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By J Stephen Spence   Have you noticed the pages of “Symbols” at the front of the Corel clipart books and wondered where they were and how to get to them? I did just that for a long time.   A couple of things you should know: One, symbols are treated like fonts in CorelDRAW. Two, they are often called “Dingbats” in other literature and online. Three, Corel does not install symbols when you install the program. You have to install them manually. Four, when you do install symbols, they install in the Windows Font folder and will remain there until you move or remove them.   Knowing this, I prefer to copy all the symbols from the Corel Install disk(s) to a folder on my desktop (go to the desktop, right click, select “New” and then “Folder” and name it Corel Symbols or whatever else you want. Once moved to a folder, you are finished with the Corel disk and will not have to use it again.   To install a specific font (symbol), just right click on it and select, “Install”. It will automatically place a copy of the symbols in your Windows Font folder.   To access the symbols in Corel, go to the drop down menu marked “Text” and select “Insert Symbol Character”. When the docker opens on the right of your screen, go to the dropdown menu at the top and select the “font” or symbol package you desire to use. All the symbols in that package should show in the docker. To use a symbol, just click and drag or click and then click on install at the bottom of the docker.   Symbols come in without a fill but can be filled with any color or can even have an image PhotoClipped into it, expanded to whatever size you need or used as is with just an outline. Once on the screen, a symbol usually works like any other simple object (there are a few exceptions).   Symbols can also be installed into the Bitstream Font Navigator. This can be a bit more complicated but if you installed the symbol packages and open Navigator, you will see them installed and can move them to your storage folder by just a click and drag method. A more complete explanation is available in my new CondeTV video “Using Corel Symbols”.