For Dye Sublimation: CorelDRAW Tips and Tricks: Boxes and Circles

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By Steve Another new video tutorial on CorelDRAW exclusively for sublimators. This one goes to the very basics of drawing boxes and circles. Simple for those of who use it every day but confusing to those who are new to the program.   How do you get a box or circle the exact size you want? Does it matter what size line you use? How do you make an oval or change a triangle into a trapezoid? All super simple if you know how.   For those who don’t, check out the new CondeTV video on YouTube called, “Boxes & Circles”. Oh, for you seasoned users, you might find some trick you didn’t know too! Or you might know a trick I don’t. If you do, let me know so I can include it in the next video. My email is   Now, back to the video: Not only do we look at boxes and circles, we will consider some other shapes as well such as triangles and multi-sided shapes. We will talk about how to add fills and change line colors or eliminate the lines altogether. Also, we will talk about corner treatments including how you round some of the corners and not all of them.   Like most things, the basics or fundamentals are critical to using CorelDRAW. They form the foundation upon which everything else builds.   Here is a quiz for you: “When is a box a curve?” The answer? Boxes drawn in Corel are unique items. Before you can do anything other than make them larger or smaller or skew them, they must be converted to curves. Then the corners can be moved to form other shapes so when is a box a curve? When you convert it to curves so you can change its perspective or change its angles from 90 degrees to something else yet maintain four sides.