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72 in Mutoh® ValueJet 1938TX Wide Format Printer

72 in Mutoh® ValueJet 1938TX Wide Format Printer

72 in Mutoh® ValueJet 1938TX Wide Format Printer

Item #: 15418-0001

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72" Mutoh® ValueJet 1938TX Wide Format Printer with Dual staggered head design with latest drop-on-demand piezo inkjet technology, includes take-up reel.

- Variable drop printing - wide range of droplets
- Typical high quality production speeds up to 40 m²/h
- Newly engineered high end fabric feeding, front and back tensioning and motorized take-up system
- Integrated gutter system for open textiles

Using Mutoh’s new water-based textile pigmented inks, the VJ-1938TX enables direct printing on cotton fabrics, rayon or mixed fibre fabrics. The VJ-1938TX printer can also jet Mutoh’s genuine DS2-series universal sublimation inks for direct printing onto polyester fabrics. The ValueJet 1938TX printer will deliver you money-making flexibility for many years to come !

Weight: 0.00 lbs

Pricing Info:
$ 39995.00 - 1 and up May be ordered in any quantity from our AL Warehouse
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Item Number: 15418-0001
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Item Measurement: 72"
Item Weight: 0.00
Minimum Qty: May be ordered in any quantity
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