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Sublimation Paper DyeTrans 11x14 MultiPurpose

Sublimation Paper DyeTrans 11x14 MultiPurpose

Sublimation Paper DyeTrans 11x14 MultiPurpose

Item #: SPP005

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DyeTrans™ Multi-Purpose Ink Jet Sublimation Printing Paper, 11" x 14", (31#), 500 Sheets/Pack. Cut sheet stock. Special Order Pack, please contact your account manager for lead times.

Use instead of Truepix or AccuPlot. Suitable for all substrates except glass. For glass use TexPrint™ or TexPrint-R.

High grade sublimation paper that produces excellent results for most any applications: shirts, mugs, tiles, plastic, metals, wood plaques and more. This paper is for use with sublimation inks only.

Weight: 13.20 lbs

Pricing Info:
$ 102.90 - 1 and up May be ordered in any quantity from our AL Warehouse
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DyeTrans GX e3300N Printer for dye-sublimation Setup HD Video


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A How-To Video "Understanding Dye Sublimation Paper Impressions Before & After Imprinting -" is available.

A How-To Video "Using the DyeTrans SPP006 Sub Paper - Push 11x17 Limits" is available.


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Additional Details

Item Number: SPP005
Item Color: Sublimation Paper
Item Measurement: 11" x 14"
Item Weight: 13.20
Minimum Qty: May be ordered in any quantity
Case Qty: 500

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