Dye Sublimation Dog Tags for Military Families

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January 10th, 2012 By Steve Spence Photo from Pinterest user USMC   It is unfortunate indeed that so many brave men and women are overseas and in harm’s way. Perhaps you were in the military and if so, you know how important it is to keep close to loved ones. Letters, cards and emails all help but there is another way too. That is with sublimated dog tags.   Consider offering a package deal to families of military overseas – or anywhere for that matter. On one tag, place a picture of the service person’s family. On the other tags, place a picture of the person on active duty.   These tags can be worn at all times to remind each family member of their missing member and in some way, help them feel a little closer. It is great too, that they always have a picture of their loved one(s) to show people when the subject comes up in conversation.   These tags are inexpensive and easy to make so they can be sold cheap and still show a handsome profit. Consider offering two UNISUB tags for $20 and $5 extra for the children’s tags, regardless of how many. Tags for in-laws and other relatives can be $5 each after the first two. Of course you can set your own prices and packages but you want to sell your tags in packages, not singly if you can. This approach almost always ends up in a bigger sale and a greater profit.   Of course Conde can provide you with a variety of dog tags to offer your families. These can range from the UNISUB tag to real silver and of course the price tags vary accordingly. People love variety so order in a sample of each tag you want to offer. I stock a pile of the UNISUB tags since that is what most people order (everyone so far) but they like the fact there are options.