Dye Sublimation Graphics: Changing the Default Text Style & Size in Corel

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By J. Stephen Spence Can you change the default text style in CorelDRAW? Yes. Here’s how: On a blank page, select the TEXT tool (the “A”). Then go to the top where you can pull down the menu of available fonts and click on the one you want to be the new default. When you do, a box will open up with four options. Select the type of text you want this to apply to: For our purposes, it will likely be either Artistic Text or Paragraph Text or both. Then click “OK”. As simple as that, you have a new default font. You can do the same thing for the text size. Now, the bad news: This change will apply ONLY to the page you are working on. If you open a new page, it will return to the normal defaults of Arial. If there is a way to make a permanent change in the default font style or size, I don’t know how to do it and apparently, neither does anyone else. Still, if you are going to do a lot of text elements on a job, you can save a lot of clicks by setting new defaults for the page(s) you are working on. For a step by step video guide, check out my video on “How to Change the Default Font & Size”.