Dye Sublimation Tips: Using Text in CorelDRAW, Part Two

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By Steve Spence There is so much to learn about text when using CorelDRAW, I’m not sure one would ever really learn it all. Part Two of our video adventure (CondeTV), includes using Paragraph Text, kerning and most important of all; how to lay out a plaque.   As sublimators, text is what we live and breathe. Images without personalization are just images but when you add a person’s name or company logo, everything changes. Suddenly, the item becomes far more valuable, sometimes even to heirloom status and the importance of the item soars.   In Part Two, we look at importing bodies of text and making them fit in a given space by using Paragraph Text. We also consider a trick when using white text over a colored background – because white is the absence of color in sublimation, toners or dyes like to encroach into areas where there is no dye to hold it back (white or clear). A way to reduce the encroachment is to put a thin white line width around the text. The color around it will still encroach but it just takes it back to about where it started out in the first place. This is especially important when working with scripts or other fonts that have very fine lines.   What do you do when you have some odd-ball character? A degree mark or a Spanish character or an accent mark over an “e” such as the French word, “Conde”? Did you know you could insert a wide variety of characters that are not on the English keyboard? You can by using the Symbol Insert Docker.   The next discussion we will have about Corel text will be “How to Fit Text to a Path”. Want to put text in a circle or some other shape? You can and it’s easy. Check out CondeTV for “Fitting Text to a Path”.