Dye Sublimation: Experimenting With Various Times

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February 3rd, 2012   Often we have calls about what time to use when the Conde instructions call for a window of time (ex:6-8 minutes.), The time variation is due to differences in the equipment. I will try to explain what I mean by an equipment variation. Mug presses have have different amps. The higher the amps the hotter the press can get. Low amps can have lower temperatures. This will cause time variations based on the equipment you are using. Thus, causing variations in color or should I say the finished product. We have a simple solution for finding your time based on your press.   Here is How:   From your digital imaging application create four black boxes small enough to fit on one of the products in test. It is always recommended to purchase a couple of additional products for beta testing on your end.   Using one of the additional products you would have purchased for testing, and various times, sublimate one box at a time allow a cooling period between each of the four transfers. For example refer to the image on the right: Cut out each box and transfer each separately using the different instructions within the individual boxes. At the end of the test you will have four black boxes on one product and within those boxes the different instructions your used for press times. After reviewing, determine the better of the four colors and make a note of which one provides the best result. That is your time and instruction!   We also recommend keeping a notebook of any and all instructions so that you can revisit them for future pressings with that particular product. This will save time and we all know time is money. Not to mention the bad product you will eliminate from your “wall of shame”.