Fitting Text to a Path

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By J. Stephen Spence One of the most difficult thing for some sublimators to learn is how to fit text to a path, i.e. putting text around a circle or some other object. This is especially true when there has to be matching text at both the top and bottom of a circle much like you might have on an arm patch or a label pin.   The process varies some with the version of Corel you work with but basically, it is a matter of typing the text, selecting the font you want and then making a judgement as to the size of the text. Adjust the text size as close to what you think will look best before the next step since in most cases, changing the font or even changing the font size results in a minor disaster and you will have to straighten the text and start all over.   To place text on an arc, select the text with the Pick Tool and then click on “Text” and “Place Text to Path” in the drop down menu. Next, just place your cursor close to the arc you want to place the text and where; then release the mouse button. You can see the text move as you move the mouse. In earlier versions, it was enough to just get the text on the line and the rest you could do with the controls at the top of the screen. In later versions, you can do most of the positioning while placing the text to the path initially.   The problem usually occurs after the position has been selected and you are ready to move on to the next step. All of a sudden, the circle (arc, line, etc.) seems to be attached to the text and you can no longer center things correctly or remove the circle or even change the fill colors of the text and the circle separately. They ARE IN FACT, attached. To unattach them, go to “Arrange” and click on “Break Text Apart”. You can now work with the text and the circle (arc, line, etc.) separately.   Text at the bottom of a circle is done the same way but text will show up on the screen both backwards and upside down. This can be quickly corrected by clicking on the “Mirror” icons at the top of the work area. The text can then be moved into position.   If you are using an earlier version of Corel, you will have to “Break Text Apart” before you attach text to the bottom of the same circle you have already used.   When you know the trick of breaking text apart, it is an easy tool and you will find yourself using it often.   To see this done for you, check out CondeTV, “Fit Text to Path”.