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Mirror          Mirroring your image is a very important step when sublimating or using transfer papers. On most substrates if you fail to mirror your image your final product will be printed backwards. Some printers have the capability of mirroring where others do not. If your printer’s driver has this option I recommend setting it up by default. If it does not then you will have to turn to your application to do the job. This is one of the reason’s Conde recommends either Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or CorelDRAW for editing and printing images. Both of these programs have this capability.  

flip          The location of the mirror function in Photoshop depends upon the version you are using. In all versions you click on Image –> Rotate Canvas –> Flip Canvas horizontal. In CS versions from CS3 to CS5 you can find the “Emulsion Down” in the output options of the print dialog. In later versions of Elements there is an option for “Flip Image” in the output section of the print dialog.

Corel Mirror          CorelDRAW handles the mirroring the same in all versions later than Version 9. On the print dialog there is a Prepress tab. There you will find a check box for mirror. Just check this box when printing and the image will come out reversed. Also, in CorelDRAW you can save your print settings as a print style and make this print style your default print style. This will make CorelDRAW Mirror automatically. For these procedures refer to our online documentation and video.

          In addition, you will find informative videos for configuring color management by the support team at Conde by visiting Conde TV, Conde Facebook Page and Conde Twitter. Look for more upcoming videos and informative blog entries to be added for successful sublimation and maintaining your Conde DyeSub System. If there is something that you think would be better said in an instructional video or blog posting, then we look forward to hearing your ideas.

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