For Dye Sublimation, CorelDRAW Tips and Tricks: PowerClip

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By Steve Spence PowerClip – the most exciting and useful tool I know of. It’s not found anywhere else – only in CorelDRAW and I use it almost every day. If you haven’t found it yet, please check out the new CondeTV video on YouTube called, “PowerClip”.   This easy to use tool is under the “Effects” menu and allows you to place an image, either a bitmap or clipart, inside a shape – any shape, including text!   This means you can take a photograph and insert it in an oval like the old time photos or simply in a rectangle to get rid of that pesky white bounding box that is around most bitmaps.   You can take a flag and put it in text to make the text red, white and blue or take a design, logo or other art and place it inside of text in just a couple of mouse clicks!   Fills, clipart, text, designs, photos, bitmaps and solids can all be placed inside any closed shape in just a half-dozen clicks.   “But we’re not done yet!” the TV commercials scream, “There’s more!”. Once you have PowerClipped something into a shape, you can convert it to a bitmap and then use all the creative tools under the Bitmap menu such as Vignette that puts a fadeout effect around an image like those old fashioned photos.   Every sublimator should know about this helpful tool in CorelDRAW – even if you are using an old version, it’s still there (although if your version is really old, it works a little bit different than the new versions).   This is the first of what I hope will be many YouTube videos sponsored by Conde teaching CorelDRAW exclusively for sublimators. Keep checking back to the Conde blogs for updates.