Fountain Fills in CorelDRAW for Dye Sublimation

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By J. Steven Spence Many Corel users go their entire career and never know what tools lurk under the various icons in Corel. That’s a shame because their work could be so much easier, better and faster if they only knew….   An old adage says, “we can’t know what we don’t know” and that’s true but why not learn? In the latest CondeTV video on Corel, we examine one more of those lurking tools – the Fountain Fill – hidden under the Fill Tool icon almost at the bottom of the tool box located on the left hand side of the screen.   In this tool, we find the ability to actually mix two (or sometimes more) colors, usually a base color and white, to create highlights that can go behind a logo, set off some element of the artwork or just dress up an otherwise boring background.   A ton of presets are already there for us to play with and of course, we can always make our own and that is what the new CondeTV video demonstrates – how you can use this tool to make your work both easier and better.   People, upon seeing the results of a little Fountain Fill magic often ask, “How did you do that?” and that is exactly the reaction you want. That is what puts you a head above your competition and keeps your customers coming back to you.   They need not know that you are going the extra mile in creating their unique design took only seconds to do so don’t tell them. It’s just one of those things they need not know.   Check it out: CondeTV – Working with Fountain Fills.