Golden Gate Bridge Glass Room Divider Imprinted with Dye Sublimation

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This is a glass room divider featuring the Golden Gate Bridge. The photo is taken from the Presidio on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The size of the glass divider is approximately 32” x 48” and consists of eight 12 x 16 SolaPix® art glass panels. To create the artwork I used CorelDraw X6 to break the image into the individual components that make up the mural. To print the image panels I used my Ricoh GX 7000 printer with Subli-Jet-R ink from Sawgrass Technologies. I printed the images you on the 13 x 19” paper using the bypass tray. The paper I used was TexPrint-R . To press the images I used the George Knight 16 x 20” swing away heat press using the settings as recommended by Conde in their instruction set. I created this room divider so that I could have a physical display unit to show people what a glass divider wall was and the how the vertical and horizontal design are different from the saw tooth design of many room dividers. I wanted the room divider to be secure and not easily tipped over if somebody were to bump into it which can be an issue with saw tooth type designs. To create the display I used wire shelving unit which I attached the display cables from the shelves. I created this displays to be portable so I can take it to client sites were to display shows as needed and to take photographs of completed projects that fit this display size. The display uses a cable mounting system to attach the panels for display. The cables allow the panels to be installed in a straight line and can be securely mounted to ceiling, floor or walls as required. The cable system can be used to mount on walls floor to ceiling or combinations thereof. The cable system also allows for the panels to be installed in a pass-through area or a large opening. The display system which consists of 1/16 inch diameter wire cables that are attached at the top and bottom. These cables are tensioned to support to allow for some stable installation of the glass panels. Aluminum clips are used to attach to each of the panels on the sides with four points of securing the glass panel used. The aluminum clips that are attached to the panels have a set screw, with a nylon backing to protect the glass and the image, to securely lock the glass to into the clips. The clips also have an opening to attach to the calves and are securely locked in place and allow for positioning. The use of the cable system and the aluminum clips allow for a minimal amount of size material that will distract from the image itself to show it completely and allow it to be the center of attention instead of some type of mounting system Additional types of clips it can be used with this allow you to swivel the individual panels to different angles. There is also a horizontal clip so that shelving can be added to the cables as desired. The mounting clips will also allow the use ChromaLuxe aluminum panels to be used instead of the glass panels. This also allows for the different types of panels to be used together in the same display.   CREATED BY: Gerald Heagney - Component Concepts