Dye Sublimation Business: GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES

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  By Steve Spence   Read a review this morning about the economy. Yes, we all know it’s bad. Everyone is telling us. We hear it loud and clear – doom and gloom. But did you know…   According to a recent report, the market for personalized products has remained pretty much stable since 2008. That means those of us who are selling sublimated products such as photo-gifts, ChromaLuxe and the like, shouldn’t see a significant drop in gross income.   Sometimes, we hear about the “bad times” so much, we succumb to all the gloom and fulfill our own worst fears by not trying as hard to be successful. After all, if everyone else is having trouble, why should you and I be any different? We fulfill our own prophesy.   I was encouraged by the report and realized that at least part of my reduced sales was undoubtedly my own fault. Is yours? Be honest, have you been working as hard as before 2008 to secure business? Have you been too quick to bid customers “so long” when they give you their story of “woe-is-me, I can’t afford your stuff anymore”? Truth is, most business people have had something of a defeatist attitude the past few years and understandable or not, it isn’t what our businesses need nor is it appropriate.   Photo Gift items and other personalized items are one of the very few areas that has remained fairly stable during this economic crisis. This should be exciting to all of us.   We could spent a lot of time trying to explain why this is so but “who cares”? All I care about is the assurance that other dealers are being successful and if they can be successful during this hard time, by golly, so can I. And so can you.   If you are getting excited again about your business, then good for you. Why not give your Conde rep a call and chat for a few minutes about what kind of products are selling best right now. If a certain product is selling good for someone else, chances are, it will sell good for you as well. Bring in some new products, some new inventory and go after that customer with a smile and the confidence that this market is not dead but very much alive and well. Hallelujah!