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Product Instructions

Travel Bags & Purses Sublimation Instructions


8009, 8009-FLAP,8008, 8008-FLAP, 8007, 8007-FLAP, 8005, 8005-FLAP, 8006, 8006-FLAP




20 seconds

Press Time

75-90 seconds



Additional Items

Lint Roller

Recommended Paper

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose or TexPrint for good results.


Smaller purses, use Medium Pressure:
8000-FLAP, 8004, 8004-FLAP, 8007, 8007-FLAP, 8009, 8009-FLAP, 8010 -75 seconds

8010A - 90 seconds
8012W - 60 seconds

Larger purses, use Heavy Pressure:
8001-FLAP, 8005, 8005-FLAP, 8006, 8006-FLAP, 8008, 8008-FLAP - 90 seconds press time

1) Remove the flap from the purse.

2) Lint roll the white part of the flap.

3) Place protective paper on top of the bottom rubber platen. Place flap, on top, with the white side face-up and cover with a sheet of protective paper. Be sure the fasteners and non-imaging area of the substrate do not come into contact with the press.

4) Preheat the flap. Press again if flap is not flattened (all wrinkles and bubbles must be flattened).

5) Discard the protective sheet.

6) Lint roll the flap while warm.

7) Remove the flap from the press and allow it to cool.

8) Pro Spray the transfer then apply it face down onto the white part of flap.

9) Place a protective sheet of paper on the bottom platen and then place the flap, imaging side face-up, on top of the protective sheet.

10) Cover the back of the transfer paper with a protective sheet and close the press.

Clean flaps with baby wipes. Washer/dryer may damage the product.

Be sure to close the press slowly to prevent the image from shifting under the press.

A small amount of vinyl always will come into contact with the press where full edge-to-edge print is required. This will cause a slight flattening of the vinyl, which is unavoidable.

When using Pro Spray, apply the minimum amount possible. Flaps can get quite sticky with Pro Spray residue and it is not easy to remove.

Updated: April 30, 2015