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Product Instructions

Acrylic Sublimation Instructions


AJIG1114-L, APP1215, AJIG810-L, AJIG108-P, APP911, AJIG57-L, APP68, ACR311, ACR312, ACR313, ACR317





Press Time

See Chart



Additional Items

ProSpray, Green Pad

Recommended Paper

TexPrint or TexPrint-R


An acrylic pressing pad (sold separately) is required for proper production. You will also need a piece of 1/16" Heat Conductive Green Rubber that is 2" larger than the panel, sold separately. (1/16" is required, no other size will work) A jig (sold separately) is required to curve the acrylic.

ACR311 11” x 14” ........3 minutes 10 seconds
ACR312 8” x 10” .........2 minutes 40 seconds
ACR313 5” x 7” ..........2 minutes 10 seconds
ACR317 3” Round TBA

*Do not "mirror" your image.

1) Cover your bottom table of the press with a protective sheet of butcher paper.

2) Lay down your acrylic pressing pad.

4) Your transfer should be cut to fit exactly, use light Pro Spray and place it on the acrylic's coated side.

3) Place your acrylic clear side down, coated side face-up with transfer on top.

5) Cover with a protective sheet of butcher paper.

6) Cover it all with a 1/16” green rubber pad.

7) Press with time and temp above. Take your acrylic piece out carefully and bend it slightly with your hands and place it slowly into the jig, coated side facing down*. Allow to cool completely before removing.

One side of the acrylic is glossy and the other is matte (this is the side you actually imprint). We recommend you imprint the acrylic and insert it glossy side up.

Some people who purchased the first generation of jigs may have noticed the white plastic pieces are brittle and easily damaged. Contact your Conde Account Manager for replacements. The newer jigs have better plastic.

Updated: December 22, 2016