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Product Instructions

IronClad Dog Tag and Pet Tag Sublimation Instructions


MT21W, PT33W, PT55W, PT44W



Press Time

60 seconds


Light to Medium

Additional Items

Heat Tape, ProSpray

Recommended Paper

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose


1) Put down protective paper on the heat press platen.

2) Press Substrate Face-Up: Lay down the image and use heat tape or Pro Spray to secure the substrate in place.

Some items are two-sided; if you want, you can print both sides at once; just insert the item between two transfer images. Take care to make sure the images don't slip. Cook these 50-60 seconds.

You may also print one side, then the other; just allow the substrate to cool fully between pressings. We found we get better results printing one side, then the other.

3) Cover with protective paper. Press using time and temp above.

Updated: October 28, 2016