Dye Sublimation Business: Seven Keys to Better Client Retention

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  January 5th, 2012 By Steve   I don’t usually copy other people’s work but this one is so good, I’ll make an exception. Credit goes to Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine (a Division of National Business Media). Although you could just read it yourself at http://sdgmag.com/tips/seven-keys-to-better-client-retention, but most of us in the Photo-gifting industry probably don’t spend a lot of time reading sign websites, I’ll give an abbreviated version.  
  1. Market to Existing Clients – Your current customers are already doing business with you and are more likely to buy from you again. Focus most of your time, efforts and resources on understand and meeting their needs.
  2. Be Honest – Treat your clients with honesty, good humor, and respect, and do so consistently over time. At some point they will see you as dependable, credible and trustworthy.
  3. Do What You Say – If you say you are going to send information, or do a follow up – do it. If you promise delivery by a certain day – do it. By following through with your commitments you will gain loyalty and trust.
  4. Make it Fun – Clients want to work with people who enjoy what they do. The more fun you can have while providing strong outcomes, the longer your clients will stay.
  5. Become a Long-term Vendor – let your customers know you will be around long after the sale. Let them know they can come back whenever they need help, advice or service. Position yourself as a long-term resource.
  6. Offer Help Outside the Box – Do you have the name of someone who could help a client move ahead on a business plan? Tell them about it. Sharing resources is a terrific way to build loyalty and satisfaction.
  7. Offer Rewards – Consider implementing a customer loyalty program, where your long-term clients are rewarded for staying on. You might offer them discounts, free product, or services for a certain level of ongoing participation with your business.
  There. I couldn’t have said it better myself!