Dye Sublimation Business: Something Good About Facebook

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December 30th, 2011 By Steve   OK, I admit it. I don’t like Facebook. It’s too much information, it’s too public, it’s too time consuming. I just don’t much like it and that puts me in a majority of one. Maybe it’s my age and maybe I’m just lazy but I’m not willing to spend hours each day on Facebook. But there is one thing I do like about it.   Since most of my customers are on Facebook (who isn’t), it is a great way to find out when their birthdays are. In fact, Facebook actually sends me an email alerting me that someone has a birthday coming up soon. This allows me to send them a text, an email or if nothing else, a message on Facebook. Cards by snail mail work best. It demonstrates that I have put some effort into sending the card and invested a buck or two for the card and postage. A personal note written by hand on the card is a must – even if they can’t read my writing.   Most companies have Facebook pages and are on Twitter and who knows what else. Bigger companies actually hire someone to do nothing but promote good will on these social sites and that’s fine but for a small shop like mine, I’m lucky just to do the birthday thing.   The point is, there is a lot to gain from Social networks like Facebook if you can squeeze out the time necessary. At least one thing that doesn’t take much time at all is to acknowledge someone’s birthday with a “Happy Birthday and Thanks for Your Business” card. These little things can mean a lot.