Sublimation Christmas Gifts With Panache

By admin news
A really cool thing is available to average folks like you and me, but the business entrepreneurs have appropriated it and no one knows about it! If you have a simple inkjet printer and a computer, you can make the coolest gifts for your friends and family for about $3 each!!! Here it is, really cool balloons! Not Mylar balloons like they have at the supermarket, but photo balloons. These balloons come with free software to add artwork and photos and soon you can create lovely and fun items just for your friends. So new, that most people will be amazed and delighted to see them. I found them at The balloons are in a cardboard frame that fits in your printer, the small ones fit any printer and you can get the large ones if your printer will print 11”x17” paper. The printer has to be an inkjet, not a laser. Also, they say if you have an all-in-one printer that gets fairly hot, it is not ideal for creating the balloons. The best printer has a straight paper path, too, one that doesn’t bend the paper so much. I have a little Ricoh GX5050N* and it works great. I had to set it for A4 size paper, but after I figured that out it was no problem. The Conde folks have complete instructions, plus a video on their website, so check it out. *(By the way, if you have one of the Ricoh GelsPrinters, Conde sells 40ml versions of the ink they use for $7 a cartridge! That’s an unbelievable price!) You can choose from a huge array of colorful frames that fit each balloon, which are available in hearts, stars and round shapes. The artwork is for holidays, birthdays and even has a section that is for kids to color. You choose the art, add your photo and text if you want and hit print. The assembly is easy, with a little tube and a straw that you blow up and a stand that holds it. No helium, no popping, they are fantastic! Good luck in all your endeavors and have Happy Holidays!