Sublimation in the Memorial Industry

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When it comes to sublimatable products in the Memorial industry, we have a few out-of-the-box items that will allow you to make high quality keepsakes that families will cherish and use to remember their loved ones for years to come. We offer keepsake boxes, ceramic tiles, sublimatable jewelry, glass ornaments and many other substrates that can serve as a reminder of a lost loved one in a classy and respectful way. Not too long ago, headstones and a few photographs were really the only things family members had to remember them by, but as technology advances, so do our expectations, therefore, people are wanting more and more products to honor and respect the lost. Many customers like personalized items for the funeral, graveside, and to keep after the burial. Funeral shirts are a tradition in some communities where it is customary to get t-shirts made with the deceased loved one’s photograph and name in which everyone wears to the funeral. Some customers like to have an item to leave at the graveside; we see this the most with our ceramic tiles. These tiles look great, however, lawnmowers tend to wreak havoc by throwing rocks and breaking them, so you may want to offer your customers a deal on multiple tiles and warn them of the risk just in case. Our glass plaques are a popular item that some like to put up on their mantel in remembrance. These are so special because a photograph can be sublimated onto the plaque in addition to names, dates, quotes, or whatever they may wish. We also offer subliSLATE, a coated slate plaque with natural edging which is an excellent choice for a photograph. Another unique thing that has been growing in popularity is sublimating fabric and sewing it into caskets, so for example, if your loved one was a passionate Alabama football fan, you could make it football themed. Some universities like the University of Alabama, offer a crafting license so that it is affordable for small business owners to use their logo. If they enjoyed gardening or flowers, a pretty floral design would be a very special addition. We also offer sublimatable jewelry with an insert that allows you to put a photograph, words, or a design so your customers can keep their loved ones close to them even after they are gone. An aspect of this industry that many don’t think about is that to many people, their pets are their family as well, some get items made to remember their special furry family. The memorial industry is a profitable one, but also one that may require a little extra work. Grieving customers may be distracted, upset, or indecisive because of their loss, so extra sensitivity and empathy are often required. They may give low-quality pictures or be unsure of exactly how they want to honor their loved one. You will need to take all of this into consideration when factoring up the cost. Speed is also a huge factor in this industry, due to the fact that funerals usually take place no later than a week after a death, the customers will need their orders as quickly as possible. Funeral homes as well as individual friends and family members of the deceased are going to be your main demographic so marketing will need to be less aggressive than it normally would be to maybe a boutique or retailer. Although the memorial industry requires a little more sensitivity and effort, it holds the potential for your business to grow and flourish like never before.