Windows 10 - for Dye Sub Businesses - Urgent

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By J. Stephen Spence WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS 10 UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS BLOG   One of the blogs I check almost every day for information is called Graphics Unleashed. It is a source of information about computers, software and CorelDRAW in particular. They offer a lot of free fonts and report about what software works and what doesn’t and although I would never plagiarize intentionally, I’m sure I probably have at some point in the millions of words I have written over the years. So, to be sure the message is clear and the ownership is just as clear, the following is a quote from Foster Colburn III, owner of the Graphics Unleashed website:   “Just prior to the release of Windows 10, I wrote Is Your Computer Ready For Windows 10? In that post, I explained I would be waiting a month or two before I attempted an install to make sure any bad bugs were worked out. It is just over a week since it was released and one really bad bug has emerged. You’ll find the details in Windows 10 upgrade bug makes some PCs unusable. In short, the install on some machines stalls and on reboot the computer gives a message “missing operating system.”   It seems this bug only affects a small number of users. I don’t want to be one of them so I’ll await word that the problem has been resolved before I attempt an install. I’ll first test the install on my laptop as I could survive without it. Only after it works successfully will I attempt on install on the desktop machines I use regularly.   I’ve also had some users ask me if specific software works on Windows 10. The short answer, I don’t know since I’ve yet to install it. I did have one user report that the menus at the top of CorelDRAW X4 did not work correctly after installing Windows 10. This could be limited to this user or it could affect all users. I simply don’t know.   Before you attempt an install, make sure all of your data is backed up and proceed carefully. I also think it is smart to wait another month or two.”     So, the word is, if you are tempted to install Windows 10 on your computer(s), you are doing so at YOUR OWN RISK. Most computers upgrade without a problem but what if yours (or mine) is one that doesn’t? One thing for sure. If and when I upgrade mine, I will have multiple backups ready just in case. Like Foster, I think I’ll wait awhile before installing Windows 10 – besides, I’ve just now gotten kinda use to Windows 8.