New Pricing Tool for Sublimation Jobs

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By: Lindsey Jackson

We, at Condé Systems, are always working to provide the best resources and guides to grow and enhance our clients’ sublimation businesses. With that in mind, we have taken the time to update our pricing tool so that you can better determine out how to price your next sublimation job. The new and improved pricing tool has been refreshed with our latest products; including our yard and garden signs, latest additions to our ColorLyte acrylic line, stainless steel Polywrapped cup, the complete new line of linen like products, and much more.

In addition, the pricing tool now includes suggested retail pricing for product bundles. What better way to maximize your profit than by offering these sublimation products in bundles, which consists of new Condé blanks? The pricing tool offers a price breakdown of each item of each bundle; as well as a suggested retail price for each bundle. The suggested retail prices were derived from the wholesale price of one item, the number of products in the bundle, labor, and personalization. The bundles range from pet, car, and electronic accessories, to kitchen and outdoor décor; as well as home office and wearables. 

Not sure how to price your sublimations for the holiday season? The pricing tool, not only, contains pricing options for all our various holiday decorating products, but also for a uniquely created Holiday Bundle suggestion as well. Just in time for Christmas In July!

The pricing tool is easily navigable and outlines everything that should be considered when creating prices. As always, the formulas are embedded within the tool, so clients can play around with numbers to get a feel for what gives the best profit for a given price or quantity.  

Ask your Condé account rep to send you an updated copy of the pricing tool today!