Giving Back with Sublimation

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By: Lindsey Jackson


Sublimation is not only a profitable business venture, but it’s also a creative way to give back to the community. David Gross, President of Condé Systems, proposed an initiative to give back by donating 2 mahogany wood jewelry boxes to the person with the best idea on how they can be used for charity. These boxes include an opening for a 4x4 piece of sublimation-ready tile. Karen Jackson of Premium Designs, and loyal Condé client, answered the call to action. Karen volunteers at a women’s shelter that offers spiritual guidance, counseling, and healing. She decided that the jewelry boxes will be a beautiful gift for the graduates of the 6-month program. Karen said:


“These jewelry boxes will be given to each girl as they celebrate their sobriety and freedom from trafficking. I know how much a personal gift means to them since they have lost so much, and these boxes will help in their healing.”


Karen plans to start a tradition of using the wooden boxes as gifts for more women that come through the shelter and complete the program.


The wooden jewelry boxes are just the beginning on charitable attributes. Any substrates can be used, such as, dog tags, T-shirts, blankets, towels, wooden boxes, etc. It could be as simple as personalizing these items and donating them to an organization or individual in need. Also, decorating substrates like these and giving them to a special someone as a memorial token of a loved one who has passed. In conclusion, it is all about identifying those who are in need of help or a friendly gesture and how to fulfill it using sublimation.