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Road To Sublimation Success: Device Decorating Update

Road To Sublimation Success: Device Decorating Update
Changes! It has only been a few months ago that I published my first article in A&E Magazine on the viral trend of using sublimation technology to decorate electronic devices such as iPhones and iPads (if you missed it, the first article can be found at With so much success and growth, I felt an update was needed and a wakeup call made to all digital decorators that are not profiting from this huge market!

The market for electronic device cases continues to grow at a tremendous rate. Last year Apple stated that roughly 70% of all Apple iPhone users had purchased at least one case for their phone. At this year’s CES show in Las Vegas, the halls were packed with hundreds of companies selling nothing but pre-made cases for electronic gadgets! From the dye-sub industry’s point of view, it’s incredibly exciting to know that a large number of folks are seeking out personalized cases customized with favorite photos, vibrant colors, trendy background patterns, monogram fonts and more—all to reflect their own unique style and personality.

A search on for “monogram iPhone” will give you a feel for the personalization folks are looking for nowadays. Interestingly, I think the largest demographic for personalized devices is young females (this is further evidenced by my 16-year-old daughter’s unstoppable thirst for fashion accessories). The huge number of electronic devices around today combined with the demand for personalization has presented both veterans and newbies within the dye-sub industry an opportunity that is unequaled!

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