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Road to Sublimation Success: New Printers Hit the Road!

Road to Sublimation Success: New Printers Hit the Road!
I keep a bucket list of all the things I want to do with sublimation. One thing that I placed on my list, day one, was to be able to offer the perfect desktop printer for sublimation. What do I consider a perfect dye-sub printer? A printer that is actually designed for sublimation transfer with features such as fast print speeds, awesome quality, vibrant color, a reasonable price, low operating costs and superior reliability. I wrote something similar to that about six years ago when our sublimation world first embraced the Ricoh GelJet printers. Since then, Ricoh GelJet printers have become dominate in the desktop sublimation world, and with the help of a handful of other companies (e.g., Sawgrass, UNISUB, Vapor and others), have pushed our industry to go viral.

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