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Road to Sublimation Success: Sublimating New Hard Substrates

Road to Sublimation Success: Sublimating New Hard Substrates
Most blank sublimatable products can be classified as either a soft substrate or a hard substrate. Examples of soft substrates include items made of polyester fabric such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, flags, towels, socks, blankets, mousepads (poly fabric on a rubber base), oven mitts, and more. In the case of polyester fabrics, the sublimation process actually dyes the threads without affecting the feel of the material.

Examples of hard substrates include a variety of gifts and awards made of glass, metal, acrylic, slate, ceramic, porcelain, wood, and more. Different from polyester fabrics that are naturally sublimatable, hard substrates must have a special coating applied to them that will accept a transferred image. Since the quality of this pre-applied coating ultimately determines the durability, color, and clarity of images, a product’s coating is an important factor to be aware of when comparing similar products with varying price points and/or from different suppliers.

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