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The Color Of Metal

The Color Of Metal
I started playing around with sublimation in California back in 1994 while I was in the business of selling automobile mechanic creepers (that board on wheels that mechanics use to work under cars). In the beginning, my sublimation work was pretty much limited to coffee cups and aluminum dash plaques, but I eventually began making aluminum trophy plaques and a limited number of T-shirts. Eventually, in 1999, I moved to Florida.

That all changed, however, when I agreed to produce two large sublimated aluminum panels for Snap-on Tools. The 37 1/2” x 14 3/4” panels (that were to be used on the lids of a sandblast cabinet and matching parts washer) would be much larger than the 12” x 24” pieces of aluminum I’d used up to that point, so I began scouting around for larger sheets. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that nobody had such coated aluminum sheets in stock. I’d never dreamed there wasn’t any big aluminum out there to buy.

Since I had told Snap-on that I could handle their order, I was forced to look for an alternative.

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