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It Makes More Cents

Recently, I have found myself at an impasse with my small company; business is steady, my bills are paid on time, and there is plenty of demand. However, I am starting to feel complacent and am no longer satisfied with merely breaking even at the end of every month. My son will start college in a few years and the impending expense makes me uneasy. I want to take my family on a nice vacation and fence in my property so I can buy a horse. To generate enough income to afford these expenditures, I am going to purchase a SG800 because, evidently, it is time to up the ante.

I have been pricing the printer for a while, so the initial price shock has faded. Also, I have inside information that Condé, in the near future, is going to drop the price for the printer lower than ever before. Make no mistake, I love my SG400, and after tech support helped me fix my printer settings, I have not had a problem. Nevertheless, it is time to grow my business and expand into new markets. In order to do that, I need to provide new products and save on printing costs, which the SG800 is capable of helping me achieve.

Opportunities Available with the SG800

In Mobile county, all public schools must adhere to a uniform policy, encompassing nearly 58,000 students who need multiple polo shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets with their school logos. Apparel aside, fundraising is another opportunity, presented by the school systems, to generate income. Should their football team sell stadium seat cushions, someone will need to press them and I want to take advantage of being the one to do it. I also believe large pieces of curved acrylic would be popular, as they make beautiful senior portrait gifts.

Because the Multi Bypass Tray increases the printable width to 13” and can accept sheets up to 51”, the potential of my product line will vastly increase and in turn so will my revenue. Christmas is coming soon, and in addition to ornaments, I will be able to press full bleed Christmas stockings, oven mitts, and paneled paneled throw blankets. If I plan Christmas right, I could earn enough to upgrade my business again in 2020 and invest in the VJ628!

As Plautus said, “You must spend money to make money”, and I am learning to not clench my money so tightly. Just as the SG400 required an initial investment to get started, so too will the SG800. If I plan precisely, I will be putting my son through college and picking out horse names in no time. The industry is growing and I am going to put in the work so my business will do the same. Wish me luck!

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