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We Have Spring Fever... What You Need for Spring

Living on the Gulf Coast, we are usually either too hot or too cold. Because we are only able to celebrate mild weather for a short amount of time, we get overly excited when Spring is near. Our local beaches begin to warm, flowers blossom, and gardeners start planting their gardens; Spring is unrivaled in its perfection. With so much seasonal excitement, it is time for you to start stocking up on our most popular warm weather items for sublimation transfer.

Garden Stakes

My personal favorite Spring item are our garden stakes. Because I have so many plants, it is hard to remember the specific care instructions for each. With sublimatable stakes, I can print the care instructions on a durable piece of aluminum and reference their needs when necessary. Although most sublimated items are not recommended for long term outdoor use, our Unisub® sublimated stakes are UV resistant and have an expected life of up to 3 years when produced using Sawgrass, Epson or Roland Sublimation inks.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a popular Spring product among our consumers, as they can be sold for use at a farmer's market, grocery stores, or the beach. Currently, Condé is offering new, natural colored poly linen tote and shopping bags that are hand sewn for quality assurance. Made from a sturdy blend of 95% polyester/5% cotton, the new, highly versatile, poly linen products combine the rustic appeal of natural colored linen, with the full-color imaging capabilities of dye-sub transfer.

Luggage Tags

At Condé, we like to think outside the box, so we often provide items many people do not consider. With Spring being the time for family vacations and college spring breaks, luggage tags are a must. A year ago, I traveled through Europe with an incredibly common black suitcase. As I dealt with the nightmare of repeatedly sorting through identical luggage and hoping no one mistakenly picked up mine, I wished I had planned ahead and gotten myself a personalized luggage tag.


Sublimatable koozies are popular at family reunions, graduation parties, or to advertise a restaurant or nightclub. Decorated with full color monograms, logos, or designs, the removable insulators provide a unique way of personalizing a beverage while also providing a soft, comfortable grip at the gym, on a trail, or at a backyard barbecue.

Pet Accessories

On the coast, we love our beverage insulators, but not nearly as much as we love our pets. The pet market turned a revenue of $72 BILLION last year. Collars, pet bandanas, leashes, and food bowls are all part of that figure and part of our inventory. We also have several different types of pet tags that can be personalized to make sure no one loses their furry best friend.

Planning Ahead

Spring is incredible and we cannot wait to shed our winter jackets and store them until next year. With such a brutally cold winter, I am sure most people are looking forward to it as much as I am. Whatever your favorite time of year, we hope you are planning ahead and offering your clients functional warm weather products that can be used all season long.

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