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Neenah IMAGE CLIP® LaserDark Application Instructions for 9849PO-8511L

This is a two-step process paper.

Printing Instructions:
1. Print the image in reverse/mirrored format onto the Imaging Sheet.
2. Begin by printing on standard paper setting. If toner does not fuse, increase the paper weight setting. (You can check toner fusion by rubbing with a tissue and if tissue comes away clean, the toner is well fused!)

1. Prepare the garment/fabric by ensuring the surface is clean, dry and wrinkle free using a lint brush and your heat press.

Transferring Instructions:
Step 1
1. Press the printed Image Sheet to the Transfer Sheet and heat press for 20 seconds at 250°F (121° Celsius) using medium to heavy (40 to 70psi/3 to 5 bar) pressure.
2. Separate papers while still hot using a smooth even motion.
Step 2
1. Press the imaging sheet facedown onto the shirt or substrate.
2. Press 30 seconds at 375°F (190° Celsius) using heavy (60 to 70 psi/5 bar) pressure.
3. Allow to cool to room temperature then peel the backer paper off using a smooth even motion.
4. For best results, hand stretch the garment in all directions, then cover with siliconized parchment paper and repress at conditions listed in Step 2 for 10 seconds.

Turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Dry on low-heat setting. If you intend to iron the transferred area, ensure that the image is covered with parchment paper before ironing.

IMPORTANT: Printers and heat presses vary in accuracy. We have tested our products with numerous printers and presses with excellent results. Nonetheless, we recommend that you test the paper in your equipment to ensure the best results.

Updated: March 21, 2019

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