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5 Halloween Gifts your Customers will Dye for!

5 Halloween Gifts your Customers will Dye for!

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about your costume! But your costume isn’t the only thing you need to worry about – you also need to make sure you have the perfect Halloween-themed gifts and accessories prominently displayed in the showroom of your decorating business.

As we "fall" into to this new season, your business should start offering Fall-themed gifts and products. These may be some products you’re familiar with and some that are totally new. We’ve taken a deep dive and discovered some creative tips and tricks to make the most of the Fall season. From face masks to dog bandannas, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn about these 5 Halloween products you need to make your business "bat to the bone".

Pet Scarves & Bandannas

Dog Bandannas
My favorite product this spooky season has to be our Pet Scarves . I'm "pawsitive" that the one I made for my spooky pooch turned out great. That’s one of the reasons I loved them, but I think Ollie (toy Poodle) loved it more. He received so many compliments after we put it on that I had to talk about it. The design on his scarf says "Mama's Little Pumpkin". Some other ideas I found that would go great on a pet scarf or dog bandanna:

"Count Barkula"
"I do Tricks for Treats"
"All the Witches Love Me"
"I smell Pup Cups"

Our Pet Scarves come with an adjustable strap and can be printed on both sides. They come in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL. We also carry dog bandanas that have larger print sizes and come in similar sizes. The one pictured is PETSCARF02, the 2nd smallest size. For his size, we recommend PETSCARF01

Face Masks

Face Masks
The next item on our list is one that you might have forgotten about, but it has many uses. I'm talking about face masks. Not only is it starting to get cooler (cough cough "flu season"), but Halloween is right around the corner. A polyester face mask can be decorated with a scary face or with a design that compliments your costume. A face covering not only protects yourself and others, but it also adds flair to your costume and you'll be looking "fa-boo-lous"! Your costume will be so realistic that it's "un-candy"!

Here are some examples we made, my favorite is the vampire one. What's even better is that our face masks are machine-washable, and what's even better is that we already have the digital product templates for these and all our products to help make designing and producing them quick and easy.

Our gaiter face mask are also make excellent Halloween masks and come in a variety of colors. We offer a number of different sizes and styles for our face masks and gaiter masks, click here to check out more sizes.

Garden Flags & Stakes

Garden Flags & Stakes
Every house needs something spooky. Stop waiting for the spiders to do the work for you and put out some garden flags and signs to show off your family's personality. Whether it's one of our ChromaLuxe garden stakes or decorated garden flags, we've got you covered.

Some of my favorite Halloween designs / sayings:
-"Eat, Drink & Be Scary"
-"I Smell Children" (Hocus Pocus Themed)
-"Trick or Treat yo self"

We carry ChromaLuxe garden stakes and my favorite feature is their resistance to UV light. This makes them perfectly suitable for outside use! Great in the garden or inside.

Trick or Treat Bags

Trick or Treat Bags
For the little goblins and ghouls we’ve got some trick or treat bags! Pictured here is our SubliLinen Tote Bag and added some simple graphics and a name. We also took our pillow case and put Halloween images and backgrounds. The best part for the kiddos (and for some parents) is these pillow cases hold a lot of candy.

For something that can be worn, we have our Linen drawstring backpacks. Perfect for the on-the-go trick or treaters.

My Tip: Sell Trick or Treat Bags as a personalized item, not fully customized. Put space in your design for a name and then create a couple different options. Give your clients options for a font and style and post them up in your shop or online store.

The End.

Halloween is a great time to make some extra sales. By offering these spooky, festive products, you can attract new customers and boost your bottom line. So don't be a scaredy-cat this Halloween - get out there and sell! And if you need help, just call your Conde Sales Representative.

As always,

Finch Gross
"Don't hate, Sublimate"

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