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5 Reasons to Attend Condé Systems' Virtual Open House 2022

Conde Systems’ will be hosting our 3rd annual, 100% Virtual Open House July 28th-30th.

Our Open House is the one time of the year where the leading sublimators and decorators in the industry come together. Featuring top speakers from across the industry, our Open House is an excellent chance to learn from the best of the best.

If you have never been, now is the perfect time to go. Here are 5 reasons you should attend.

Reasons to Attend

1.) It is Free!

Just like every year, our Open House is free to attend. With free sign up, there are no hidden fees associated with attending. You don’t even have be a Condé Client or know anything about sublimation. This is your chance to learn without having to pay for the classes.

2.) Education

This event is based around sublimation education! There will be over 20 classes and multiple speakers that will teach everything from the basics of sublimation to growing your existing business. There will also be classes on graphic design, sublimation paper, heat presses and much more! To see the full line of classes, click here.

3.) Live Learning

Since this is a live class set-up, you will have the ability to ask the speakers questions in real time. You'll get answers on the spot, allowing you to learn much quicker. Plus, all of our classes will be recorded so that you will never miss a moment.

4.) Networking

You will have the chance to meet and greet virtually with other business owners. By meeting others in the same industry as you, this opens the door for multiple business opportunities. Learn what tips and tricks have worked for them and apply their knowledge to your business.

5.) Chance to win prizes

All that sign up and attend this event will be entered to win a sublimation printer! Each registrant is entered to win an Epson F570 Pro Printer bundle, a SG1000 Printer bundle, or a DK14S Geo Knight Heat Press, no entry fees required.

FAQ's & How to Sign Up

Will the videos be posted onto YouTube or any other platform after Open House?
Yes, all videos will be posted to our YouTube channel a few weeks after Open House.

How long will these be able to be viewed?
They will be live on the Whova app for 3 months after the event.

Are last year’s Open House classes available online anywhere?
Yes! They are all available on our YouTube channel here.

Sign up for our Open House by clicking here. Follow the directions and you'll receive an email notification with more information. We hope to see you there!

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