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Top 5 Pet Merch Ideas to Wow Customers and Build your Sublimation Business

Top 5 Pet Merch Ideas to Wow Customers and Build your Sublimation Business
Consumers spent more than $95 billion on their pets in 2019 & 2020 and that number is expected to continue growing in the future. Pet businesses are taking advantage of this market trend and looking for new ideas to intrigue customers and differentiate themselves with merchandise that consumers demand. 

Our recommendation? Develop the best pet sublimation merchandise to appeal to your community and interested clients. By doing so, it not only earns additional revenue for your business, but it also promotes your organization as well. Check out our 5 Sublimation pet merchandise ideas that will help promote your business!

5. Sublimation Pet Collars & Leashes

Remind your customers of your brand every time they take their pets out for a walk with our sublimation pet collars. While the space available for design is more limited on collars and leashes, it is ideal to include slogans, brand colors, or the logo of your organization.

Be sure, when you offer merchandise options, that you supply a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. Customizability is critical; consider offering a variety of leash types. For instance, you can brand the handle of a retractable leash or the length of a standard one, or offer harnesses in addition to collars for owners who prefer this product over others.

Check out our product line of sublimation pet collar & leashes sublimation pet collar & leashes

4. Sublimation Pet Bowls

These bowls are perfect for personalization. Conde Systems offers both small to large sublimation bowls, to accomodate for all sizes of pets. Having a bowl with your pet's name on it makes for a great gift to your friends, family, or even yourself.

Click the image to view our line of sublimatable pet bowls.

3. Sublimation Pet Scarves

Bandanas are another remarkable merchandise idea in this niche market for both animals and people alike. While people may decide to sport these multi-functional articles on their heads or as a face mask, pets can wear them around their necks, making them all the cuter.

When you have a winning design, offer pairs so customers can match their pets' attire. Variations of witty phrases such as “Who’s walking whom?” or “Meet my adopted human.” are always popular among these simple, but creative merchandise designs.

Click the image to view our line of bandana substrates.

2. Sublimation Pet Tags

Looking for fun and convenient uses for your pet tags? Advertise the following ideas for pet tags to your customers:

- Use the dog tag as a ID tag for your pet.
- Use the dog tag as a medium for recovering your lost pet by printing your address address and phone number on the tag.
- Use the dog tag to list any medical information for your pet.

Click the image to view our pet tag substrates.

1. Sublimation Pet Shirts

T-shirts are a very popular and effective way businesses can promote their brand. Pet Businesses have the unique opportunity to offer T-shirts for both humans and animals that can come in matching sets.

Make sure to incorporate your business’s brand directly on your T-shirts. Design your logo visibly on the shirt and use images and styles that align with the aesthetic of your business. The design opportunities for T-shirts are only limited by the extent of your own creativity.

Click the image to view more!

Wrapping Up

Your pet business is an important part of your community. It allows you and your customers to care for and love their furry friends. Spreading the word about opportunities you offer and building a brand name that people can trust can be a difficult task, but branded pet merchandise can help.

The list above is only a starting point. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to choosing your merchandise, designs, and advertising. Allow us at Conde Systems to assist you in your Sublimation Pet Product needs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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