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What is a Sublimation Journal? + 3 Reasons You Need One

What is a Sublimation Journal? plus 3 Reasons You Need One
The Sublimation Journal (not to be confused with a sublimatable journal substrate that can be found here on our website), created by David Gross, is a tool to help product decorators stay organized while also giving them a way to keep track of their sublimation transfer techniques and procedures.

From equipment settings to marketing objectives, writing in a journal helps you sift through the clutter of a busy day while also providing a record of successes, failures, and questions. This is the best way to ensure consistency, minimize production waste, and get to the bottom of future problems. Most importantly, writing things down when they happen is the key to receiving good tech support. This journal allows you to keep a record of all your sublimation jobs.

3 Reasons you should be using a sublimation journal

1. Consistency

The sublimation journal provides you with the framework to track and measure the items you press. Think about it like this: let's say you press a mug - you write down in your journal the time, temperature and pressure you used. Now you have a framework of what a successful sublimated mug looks like in terms of time, temp and pressure. Next time you press a similar item, you have a guideline on how to press.

Bonus tip: Your journal can become a tool that you can pass along to other co-workers when you go on vacation, retire or change jobs. Having a journal with the correct pressing techniques and other valuable information can be better utilized if it is all in one place.

2.) Minimize waste

Let's face it, you will mess up and make a mistake on your journey through sublimation. Messing up a sublimation blank and knowing what caused the issue are what separates beginners from the professionals. A sublimation journal gives you the record of all the items you’ve created and gives you insight to know what worked in the past and what did not. Combing this principal from the journal with a “Wall of Shame" will minimize waste and improve the efficiency of your business.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase Wall of Shame. It's a graveyard for all of your sublimation blunders and busts, like when you printed something upside down or you used too little pressure. Turn your mistakes into lessons and never make the same mistake twice!

3.) Problem-Solving

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to using a journal is its ability to help with problem solving. When you’re on the phone with technical support, giving them the correct pieces of information can be the difference in getting your issue fixed and being stuck using trial and error solutions. With a sublimation journal, you take away all of the second guessing and will be able to paint a better picture of what the issue is.

More Information

For more information about the sublimation journal, click here. If you’re interested in purchasing follow the previous link or speak with your Conde Account Manager.

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Thanks for reading! I hope this blog has been helpful in your journey through sublimation.

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