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Why & How You Should Recycle Your Sublimation Ink Cartridges

Running out of ink can creates lag time that can be detrimental to your business, especially if you have orders to fulfill. However, running out of ink can also have its benefits. Condé's Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling Program rewards you by helping you save money, getting rid of used or outdated ink cartridges, and keeping them out of the trash.

Why should you recycle your cartridge?

- Ink cartridges are filling up our landfills. Some estimates claim that only around 20-30% of ink cartridges will get recycled.
- It takes the polymers and electronics around 450-1000 years to fully decompose.
- Every 11 seconds a cartridge will get thrown away. The worst might be that a majority of laser and ink-jet cartridges can be recycled.
- Not only can they be recycled relatively easily, but many businesses want to buy them from you!
- Saving a cartridge from the landfill allows for it to be re-manufactured, which saves on average about 5 lbs of Co2, compared to one being newly manufactured.

Recycling is good for our planet, and for your wallet. Our program was designed to recycle only sublimation ink jet cartridges, but that doesn't mean you should toss your regular printer inks or toner in the trash! There are recycling programs everywhere that will pay you to take your standard, empty or expired inks off your hands. Simply do a quick search and you will find local and nationwide companies that are giving away cash for empty cartridges and toner drums.

Source for statistics: Energy Central

Going green will make you some green!

Going green will make you some green
The negative environmental impact of cartridges being tossed is enough for some businesses to recycle - but what about the other "green"?

With Conde's Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling Program, you can recycle qualifying ink cartridges for a $5 credit toward your subsequent ink purchase or have $5 donated in your name to the American Red Cross, UNICEF, or American Cancer Society. Simply send us your ink cartridges and you will receive a credit for every cartridge returned. We accept the following ink cartridges: Ricoh or Virtuoso, SubliJet, EasySubli and ChromaBlast.

We cannot accept Epson OEM cartridges or cartridges for any other printers. We cannot accept refillable ink cartridges. Note: A "qualifying" ink cartridge is one that was purchased through Conde Systems.

How do I start?

To take part in our recycling program please click here to print out a shipping return label or speak with your Conde Account Manager. Simply fill out the form and once we receive the cartridges your account will be credited.

For more information on our Conde Ink Saver Program, check out our video.

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