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ATTENTION: RICOH 7100 and Virtuoso SG 800 Owners

ATTENTION:  RICOH 7100 and Virtuoso SG 800 Owners
If you have one of the larger Ricoh printers? Then here is something you need to know! Ever work with 11x17” paper? Ever need just a tiny bit more width so you can do an 11x17 full-bleed product?  Conde now offers 11x17” full-bleed paper that is actually 11.75x17” – enough to get a 11” full-bleed and then some.

Best of all, it fits in your regular paper drawer! Ricoh gave us a little extra room, and Conde jumped at the chance to offer a paper cut to the full width of that drawer. SPP006 is the stock number for the cut and it is intended for use in all the larger Ricoh or Virtuoso printers. 

This works great with the ChromaLuxe metal, wall hangings, shirts, and anything else you might need that extra bit of paper width for. If this turns out to be a size you use a lot, consider adding a second drawer to your printer. These second drawers keep you from having to change paper all the time, keeps your paper clean, and protects the corners that so easily get dinged when paper is constantly being pulled from the drawers and stored.

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