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CardCaddy Phone Wallet

We have a STELLAR new product that you will not only want to offer your customers, but have for yourself too! Our new CardCaddy phone wallet is convenient and adds your own personal style to your phone or phone case.

The Card Caddy is a two-in-one silicone phone pouch designed to fit credit cards, IDs, or cash, featuring a sublimatable and removable micro-fiber screen cleaner. A 3M adhesive strip securely attaches the Card Caddy to the back of your device or device cover. It removes cleanly too. The soft cleaning cloth can be used to gently clean dirt and fingerprints from your screen. To use, simply peel off, clean your screen, and return the screen cleaner to the exterior of the pouch.

These useful card holders adhere easily to the back of any phone or phone case. 3M adhesive insures the wallet will not detach and when removed, it leaves no residue. It creates a pocket right on the cell phone. Many customers may not want to adhere anything directly onto their phone. The benefit of that is that you could offer a phone case with a matching CardCaddy, which would increase the value and price of the product. These two products together would include a case for protection from drops and falls, a handy pocket for cards or IDs, and a cleaning cloth to wipe away smudges and fingerprints.

Another great thing about this product is that you can mix and match the sublimated insert as many times as you want! A few great designs for these would be school colors and logos from your area, floral patterns that go well with monograms, or even business logos for advertizing and promotional purposes.

To sublimate the removable micro-fiber screen cleaner, begin by heating your press to 400 degrees. Remove the protective film from the back of the fabric piece before sublimating. Next, lay a piece of protective paper on the heat press platen and use heat tape or ProSpray to attach your image to the cloth side of the fabric. Lay the fabric piece imaging-side up on the press and add another sheet of protective paper on top. Press under light pressure for 60 seconds. Carefully remove from the press and allow to cool.

Market this product to boutiques, schools and businesses! Because this is an inexpensive product, it is perfect for advertising and accessorizing! Some of our clients are selling this product for approximately $12 each, while we sell the blank substrates for $1, leaving large margins for profit!

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