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Cold Nights & Hot Deals

The holiday season is here, and we could not be more excited about the promotions we have been planning! We have a tremendous number of old and new clients eager to know which blank substrates will be on sale this Christmas. As your partner, we know that one of the ways we can help grow your business is to cut the cost of products that truly make a difference in your net income. So in order to get you ready for seasonal selling, we have decided to lower the cost of some of our best-selling drinkware before Black Friday.

Personalized Drinkware

Personalized drinkware has become increasingly popular, and we predict that as sublimation grows and people become more environmentally conscious, this trend will continue to prosper. Our company President, David Gross, enjoys thumbing through morning emails while sipping coffee from his stylish, stainless steel bottle. I, on the other hand, enjoy a night cap from my cute and sleek stemless wine tumbler. There are many different reasons to need the proper drinkware during the winter months, and we have put together the perfect selection for our 12 Days of Christmas Drinkware Sale!

My town holds an annual three-day Christmas Parade of Lights in which local businesses provide entertainment and a wide variety of items, varying from warm pastries to hot apple cider. This year, I plan to participate in the festivities by decorating a few hundred travel mugs and allowing people to fill them with hot chocolate at my booth. I will be charging an affordable $15 per mug and hot chocolate, while having a 47% profit margin.

Another way I plan to capitalize on the festivities this year is by pressing mugs for local businesses. As a great way to promote memberships, our library will be offering patrons hot coffee in a Christmas themed mug that reads, “Why Buy Happiness When the Library Shares it for Free”. Additionally, I have a few boutiques that have requested stock for high quality mugs with inspirational quotes on them to sell in store.

The holidays are my favorite time of year! I love the traditions, Christmas carols, festivals, and food! Sublimation not only allows for me to create beautiful products and be involved in my community, but it also helps me turn enough revenue so that I can comfortably give to local charities and set a good example for my son. However you plan to involve yourself this season, take advantage of this sale and fill your inventory with products your clients will love!

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