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Corel for Dye Sublimation: Tracing a Simple Logo with the Bezier Tool

The easiest way to draw a logo is to make use of the Bezier Tool and trace the artwork, rather than recreating it in CorelDRAW. Utilizing the Snap-To feature included with guidelines, many logos can be created in just a few minutes.

When tracing the image with the bezier tool, one can enlarge and shrink it to whatever size they need as logos are vector art and not a bitmap. This also means that when the customer calls and asks for a copy of their logo, you have every right to charge for it. A low enough price will keep them from shopping other companies in the area and, because most shops cannot do what I can do, I retain my customers.

To learn about using the Bezier Tool to draw a logo, check out Tracing a Simple Logo Using the Bezier Tool.

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