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Creating Sample Color Swatches by Roger Wambolt

Creating Sample Color Swatches by Roger Wambolt
When sublimating a design, it is important to ensure that you produce the correct colors your clients want. If the customer brings a school logo to imprint on a track suit or sports bag, being able to match the color is paramount. This is where a sample swatch sheet can come in handy. CorelDRAW has a number of scripts and macros. In CorelDRAW X8 and 2017 they are also referred to as Extensions. One such macro is called CreateColorSwatch or CreateChart in X8.

This is installed by default in earlier versions – X8 and later. From the Welcome tab, select Get More and then on the Extensions tab, scroll down to Color Chart Creator and click Download. This will download and install the macro.

Now that it is installed, create a new document and from the Tools menu go to Macro > Run Macro. In the “Macros in” drop-down, select GlobalMacros and under Macro Name, select CorelMacros. CreateColorSwatch and click on Run. In X8 you would select Macros in > ColorChartCreator and then Run. This will allow you to select a palette.

NOTE: You should have the palette that you want to use, currently open. This can be done from the Color Palette Manager. Once the palette is selected, select the other options and click OK. This will generate a swatch of each color in the palette. The final step would be to sublimate this onto what ever type of substrate that you wish so that it can be used by your customer to select the closest color to suit their needs.

Roger Wambolt is Senior Product trainer with Corel and has been a regular at our CONDE Open House sessions, conducting classroom training.

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