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Dos and Don'ts: Making Show Room Samples with Dye Sublimation

Dos and Don'ts: Making Show Room Samples with Dye Sublimation
We all have showrooms. Some of us have large, elaborate display areas with track lighting and carpeting while others have only a brief case filled with samples – either way, it’s a showroom and there are some things you need to know about having one.

1.) Never but never use rejects or seconds as display pieces. If it isn’t good enough for your customer, it isn’t good enough for your showroom!

2.) Never keep discontinued products in your showroom except as a “Closeout” to get rid of your own inventory. This practice will almost always come back to haunt you. We have all made this mistake. I remember the guy who saw a product I knew was discontinued and wanted 200 of them. I had 2 and everyone else had gotten rid of their supplies long ago. I lost the sale, felt like a fool and wasted a lot of time. I threw out the 2 I still had and lost out all around.

3.) When samples get worn, scratched or outdated, get rid of them! What does it say when you show a customer a product with the date 1999 on it? “Does this guy ever update his stuff?” If it isn’t current, get rid of it.

4.) Find out what sells and put that out front. I once bought a gross of hats because I was sure my clientele would love them. I was wrong. I think I still have most of them. Just because you like a product doesn’t mean your customers will. Learn what sells and make that easy for the customer to find.

5.) Show a variety of products. People have a difficult time visualizing things they haven’t seen before. Try to show as many different types of products as possible.

6.) Be organized. If you have a big display area, organize your products so the customer can make sense of them. If you sell out of a briefcase, show only the products your client might be most interested in. Don’t waste your client’s time. Having a showroom is expensive and time consuming – especially if you have a large display area but it is your choice as to how the customers sees your display. Will they think it is clean? Up to date? Inviting? Nice variety of products? Lots of good ideas? Outdated? Dingy? Lots of mistakes, mis-spellings or chipped corners?

Showrooms can actually work against you when they aren’t maintained and done with care and a good showroom (even if it comes out of a briefcase) will always increase sales!

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