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Dye Sub CorelDRAW Tips: Learning About Color Palettes

CMYK, CMY, RGB, Pantone? Which is what color palette and why? For sublimation, RGB is the only thing we use. Wandering off into other territories is dangerous business if you want your finished products to use the right colors. Yet, Corel comes with the CMYK as the default palette. How do you change that? Does it really matter?

It does matter and to change it is as simple as going to “Windows>Color Palettes>CMYK” to turn off the default and “Windows>Color Palettes>RGB” to turn on the RGB. These show up on the right hand side of the screen and the little arrow at the bottom of the color chart scrolls the chart up to reveal additional colors. You can create 256 million colors with these combinations, yet the hundred or so readily available can be enoguh plenty. The color palettes tie directly to the fill and outline tools on the left side of the screen.

Each has a place where you can access the entire RGB palette when needed or you can select from the chart at the right of the screen by clicking the left mouse button for fills and the right button for outlines. Hover over a color and you can see both the name and the formula for making that color. Left click on a color and hold down the button and you see a fly-out with derivatives of that color you can pick from should the base color not be exactly what you want.

All this and more is explained in more detail on the CondeTV video “CorelDRAW: Working with Fountain Fills for Dye Sublimation Artwork”.

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