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Dye Sublimation Art: Creating Perfect Squares or Circles in Corel for Template Use

Dye Sublimation Art: Creating Perfect Squares or Circles in Corel for Template Use
Here at Conde we attempt to provide a template with every product we provide to to our clients. Sometimes its easier to create a usable shape on your end that will suffice as a workable template. Not only is it workable, it can save you the time of downloading and importing into your CorelDraw document.

All you need is the radius of the circle or the length and width of the product. Using the template will be as easy as using any of the templates we design here at Conde. In a few brief instructions we can have you drawing the perfect squares and circles for those time when it would be less time consuming than locating and downloading templates that have simple measurements.

Know the sizes of the product by either measuring it or as listed on our product pages.

Creating Your Template

Once you have noted the accurate size you are ready to draw your template.
1. From your tool bar select the shape that you wish to draw.
2. Press down on your “Ctrl” Key at the keyboard. Place your mouse somewhere over the document (you should see cross hairs (+)), and hold your left mouse key down and drag until you have a visible shape on the document.
3. With the object selected or in the bounding box, go to your menu bar at the top and find the length and width fields and enter the sizes you pulled for the product page or the measurements you got and enter them into the correct fields.
For ex: a 6 inch tile will be 6.225 with bleed.

Now you have the perfect square. Keep in mind this works with circles too. All you have to know is the radius. If you want to see a more detailed view of this procedure watch the video on Creating the Perfect Square and Circle in CorelDraw and exercise what you learned in your application.

In addition, you will find informative videos for configuring color management by the support team at Conde by visiting Conde TV, the Conde Facebook Page and Conde Twitter. Look for more upcoming videos and informative blog entries to be added for successful sublimation and maintaining your Conde DyeSub System. If there is something that you think would be better said in an instructional video or blog posting, we look forward to hearing your ideas.

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